Images on Smartphone

Images on Smartphone

The Activity of Images on Smartphone

Smartphone Images is another wonderful icebreaker to promote fun, interaction, sharing and help strengthen bonds. Invite each person to choose any image on their smartphone to share with the group and tell the reason for the choice.

People will be invited to spontaneously share an inspiring story about the image. What emotions do you feel when you see the image? Why did you choose this? What do you remember from that moment? What is the first thought that came to your mind when you saw the image?

If you wish, you can let some people ask questions, always trying not to interrupt whoever is showing the image. Be careful with these interactions, you must avoid other people wanting to tell their own experiences, leaving the story of the person showing the image in the background.

Allow enough time for everyone to show their images and share their thoughts, ideas and emotions. Remember that the objective of the activity is to get to know each other a little more to help strengthen ties.

Additionally, this exercise is very complete because sharing images is a fantastic and rewarding activity to inspire creativity and promote self-knowledge.

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