The One-Two-Three Game

One-Two-Three is a simple, agile and fun coordination exercise in pairs to train concentration and energize people.

Ask your group to pair up with a partner, with each person facing the other about 1 metre apart. Explain that there are four levels of challenge to this exercise.

The first, very simple challenge requires each pair to count out loud the numbers 1, 2 and 3, and to keep repeating these numbers in sequence for as long as possible without a mistake. Each person saying one number at a time, for example Mary says “1” and then June says “2,” then Mary says “3,” etc.

Pairs continue repeating this pattern of numbers as fast and accurately as possible. Give your pairs a chance to practice this highly refined skill, and then push onto the second level which involves substituting the speaking of “1” with a clap above one’s head.

So, the exercise will sound like [clap], “2, 3,” [clap], “2, 3″… etc.

Then, after several rounds, repeat the process by substituting the calling of “2” with a little jump on the spot. Listening to two people doing this task will sound like [clap], [jump], “3,” [clap], [jump]… etc.

Finally, repeat the process by substituting the calling of “3” with the sound of a dog’s barking. Putting it all together, it will sound like this – [clap], [jump], “GUAU,” [clap], [jump], “GUAU,” … etc.

The key to all of these challenges is to complete the exercise as quickly, accurately and for as long as possible. Common errors include performing a move or sound at the wrong time, or perhaps even moving when all they had to do was speak a number.

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Moment of Reflection
  • Was this exercise challenging? Why?
  • What skills did you put into practice to carry out the exercise successfully?
  • What was your reaction when a mistake was made?
  • Is it okay to make mistakes? Why, and in what circumstances?

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