Solo Time

Solo Time

Solo Time is a Reflective Experience

Solo Time is a technique and a deliberate attempt to provide a space for people to reflect and ‘be’ with their own thoughts for a few minutes.

Ask each person to find a space to themselves for at least 10 minutes, without the distraction of other people, or indeed, other media, eg mobile phones. During this time, explain to your group that you would like them to spend a little while thinking about one or more topics or questions you will pose.

The purpose of this time of solitude is to invite individuals to slow down, stop, seek clarity and possibly think creatively about how to solve a persistent problem.

It is ideal to apply this technique when something substantial or significant has happened, for example, a celebration, a conflict, a challenge, etc. In the absence of substance, it can often be difficult for people to find something to reflect on.

Provide a framework to guide your group’s thoughts, lest they waste this valuable opportunity. For example, you may ask each person to think about how they feel the group valued their personal contribution.

Once everyone has returned to the group, you may choose to invite one or more people to share what they pondered.

Don’t force people to share their thoughts, only invite those who are willing to. The reflection process itself is already very beneficial.

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