Pictures that Talk

Pictures that Talk

The Pictures that Talk Activity

Pictures that Talk is a simple and powerful emotional processing strategy that is thought-provoking and
inspire creativity.

The evocative nature of photographs and images is ideal for exploring and developing emotional literacy. Help your group to explore what they are seeing or interpreting in a particular image to navigate a range of emotions such as compassion and empathy, frustration, conflict and attitudes.

In advance, you need to search for a set of diverse images or photographs, with different colors, landscapes and situations. Gather your group and then lay the set of photographs or images on the floor or a table.

Then pose a question that will invite your group to reflect on the meaning of the images they see before them. There are no shortage of questions you could ask, but here are a few examples:

  • Choose an image that reflects how you are feeling right now
  • Identify a feature in one of these images that captures the essence of our group
  • Think of one experience you have enjoyed today and then find an image that speaks to it

Ask each person to pick up one or more cards that reflect or capture their response to your question. Invite people to share with the whole group why they chose their image.

Expect a range of responses from humorous, sincere, deep, insightful and downright bizarre. The language of photos and other images is often more powerful than you think.

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