Talk with Words and Pictures

Talk with Words and Pictures

The Talk with Words and Pictures Activity

Talk with Words and Pictures is a fun game that tends to create a lot of laughs and is an excellent icebreaker.

Give each team member a piece of paper. Have them draw a simple drawing on the paper, without talking to anyone else.

Each person then passes the paper to their right. Each team member looks at the drawing they now have, fold the paper in half, and write at the top what they think the picture is of.

The paper is passed to the right again. Each person reads the description, folds the paper over to hide the words, and draws a picture of that.

This continues, where each pass alternates between determining what the picture was and drawing what was described. It is important that each turn only reveals the words or picture from the previous round.

Separate sheets or pads of paper may be used if that is easier than one sheet of paper, but they should be passed together.

When the paper is back to the original owner, each member reveals what was written and drawn.

This activity tends to create a lot of laughter and is an excellent ice-breaker at parties or before long meetings where you want people to be comfortable with each other. The drawings and interpretations tend to bring out discussion and jokes.

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