Stranded Activity

Stranded Activity

The Stranded Activity

Stranded is a fictional setting activity that helps people improve communication, decision making and team building.

All problem-solving processes start with identifying the problem. Next, the team must assess potential courses of action and choose the best way to tackle the problem.

This requires a deep understanding of your team and its core strengths. A problem-solving exercise or game helps identify those strengths and builds problem-solving skills and strategies while having fun with your team.

Why communication is important for problem-solving? Good communication skills are vital to solving problems across teams.

Working on communication skills while your team is together will help you more effectively problem solve when working remotely.

The office will be the setting for this activity. Your team has been stranded in the office.

The doors are locked, and knocking down the doors or breaking the windows is not an option. Give your team 30 minutes to decide on ten items in the office they need for survival and rank them in order of importance.

The goal of the game is to have everyone agree on the ten items and their rankings in 30 minutes.

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