Tea Time

Tea Time

The Tea Time Game

Tea Time is a hilarious and entertaining game to energize the group, promote disinhibition and create a joyful atmosphere.

Ask your group to sit in a circle, on the floor works best. Place a tray in the middle of the circle, with a knife, fork and block of chocolate sitting atop.

Place various items of clothing next to the tray, such as a hat, T-shirt, scarf, gloves, and glasses.

Instruct your group to roll the dice, one person at a time in a clockwise direction. When a person rolls a 3, they are invited to tea, put on all their clothes, use the knife and fork to cut, and (if they have time) eat a small block of chocolate.

Their aim is to cut just one small block from the larger block of chocolate. This person may keep cutting and eating one block of chocolate at a time until a new person rolls a 3.

As soon as a new person rolls a 3, the person already in the centre must immediately stop doing whatever they were doing, take off the clothing, and return to their spot in the circle, making room for the new lucky person.

Game continues until all of the chocolate has been eaten or the energy wanes.

You can end the activity by asking the group how the experience was in the game. Did you enjoy playing? Why? What range of emotions did you experience during the game?

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