All Catch

All Catch

The All Catch Challenge

All Catch is a challenging and creative group activity to focus on goal setting, encourage collaboration and teamwork.

In advance, collect a large number of balls, or soft tossable items.

Distribute one ball, at first, to your group. Instruct your group that every time you say “GO”, whoever has the ball must throw it into the air, at least 30 cm (1′) above the head of the tallest person in the group, the ball must not touch the ground and must be caught by someone other than the person who threw it.

Announce that every time the group succeeds at this task (toss and catch all of the balls they are holding,) they will be rewarded with one more ball to use in the next round.

The initial rounds are always very quick and simply performed. But, as soon as the group possesses more than one ball for every two people, things start to get more interesting.

Whenever one or more balls are dropped during an attempt, the task will resume from one ball again.

Remember, each ball (held by the group) must be released simultaneously when you say “GO.” And each ball must be caught by someone other than the person who threw it.

Challenge your group to perform the task with as many balls as possible. Encourage your group to plan, collaborate and focus.

At some point, instruct the group to set itself a challenging, yet realistic target to achieve (in terms of the number of balls successfully deployed.)

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Process your group’s experience at the end, as appropriate.

Moment of Reflection
  • At what point did the task become challenging for you? The group?
  • Did your skills improve with practice, or other assistance?
  • Did your group decide something that was critical to your success?
  • What else contributed to your success?
  • How did your group establish its goal? Was it realistic? Too challenging?
  • How might the manner in which your group worked together apply elsewhere?

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