Have A Hearty Laughter

Have A Hearty Laughter

The Have A Hearty Laughter Exercise

Have A Hearty Laughter is an important exercise in laughter therapy because it helps us lead a healthy life. Laughter therapy or humor therapy is an exercise in which humor is used to promote well-being and health in general.

A genuine laugh can be very different from laughter because it should come straight from your heart, which means you can’t fake this. Contrary to what many of us think, laughter therapy is not about laughing from start to finish.

This laugh is also a classic laughter yoga exercise. To carry out the activity you must guide the group to carry out the following actions:

  • Extend your arms to the sky, tilt your head back a little and lift your chin, then laugh out loud as best you can.
  • Direct your laughter in a way that comes from the hearts. They can also lower their arms if necessary.
  • To laugh your best, it is recommended that you think of a happy memory or socially awkward situation that you can remember and laugh about.
  • Act like you did when you were a boy and a girl and see if it’s nice and comfortable. Explore how absurd, how ridiculous, and how amazing it felt.

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