Negotiation Game

Negotiation Game

The Negotiation Game

Negotiation Game is activity where the participants negotiate with each other for a few dollars. The goal of the game is to get participants to find creative solutions to problems.

This requires communication and good understanding. This activity is good when the group of people focuses too much on their own needs.

This game is more like a useful activity for a group of people who work or have something in common. Up to 20 people can participate.

Participants can also be divided into teams of 3 members. It suits a quiet place where each member can express and understand what is communicated.

Each team receives 2 banknotes of one dollar. Then they are offered a time of up to 5 minutes to decide between them who will keep the banknotes between the three members.

This is not easy, but eventually, several negotiations have to come to an agreement. If they fail to decide in any way, they can simply go the majority vote.

In order not to reach here it is necessary to motivate the participants to negotiate between them to reach a common denominator. After 5 minutes, all teams that have not yet decided will have to return the banknotes.

For example … “We have decided that George will receive the $ 2 because we trust him to donate to a person who is in a problem. We have decided that Ana will take both banknotes because she will give each one a cup of tea.At the end of the game, you can ask more questions to the participants.

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Some of them may be: what strategies did you use during the negotiation? Which of these were the ones more useful?

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