Survivors in the Office

Survivors in the Office

The Survivors in the Office

Survivors in the office is the perfect scenario-based group activity to make decisions, solve problems, and reach consensus. He never wondered how his team would handle a difficult decision in a survival scenario.

The doors of the office are locked and obviously your team can’t just knock them down or break the windows.

Why this is an effective problem solving group activity: Your team has less than half an hour to choose 10 items around the office that will help them survive.

They then rank the items in order of importance. It’s a bit like the classic game of being lost at sea without a lifeboat.

Get everyone together in the office and lock the doors. Let them start working together to plan their survival

Which tool would you rather have for in the office survival? Talk your decision and feel free to justify that choice. You can ask each person to individually choose their items and explain why.

The goal of this activity is to encourage creative thinking and decision making.

As a facilitator, you might ask people to explain why they chose the items they picked, and how it plays to their strengths. The rest of the team will now have some new information and a fresh perspective about their fellow team members.

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