Clear The Clutter

Clear The Clutter

The Visualisation of Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter is a simple visualization that promotes relaxation, predisposes to calm, and reduces anxiety and worry.

First, invite your group to find a comfortable place in their seats or on the floor. When you are ready, start reading the following script calmly, you can adapt it to your needs.

Clear The Clutter
  • Once you are seated comfortably, take these next few seconds to relax. Start by taking a deep breath in.
  • Feel your chest expand as your lungs fill up with air.
  • Now, exhale slowly. Release any tension you are holding.
  • Feel your shoulders sink as you relax further.
  • Let us clear out what no longer serves us. I want you to imagine your body as your home. We need to clear out this home room by room, taking our thoughts to the basement for storage or to the nearest donation centre.
  • First, let us start with our minds. What thoughts, feelings, and messages are revealing themselves to you?
  • Now, at your own pace, make your way to your throat area. What feelings, emotions, and messages are being revealed to you? Do you feel any blockages, any words that might feel stuck?
  • Once you are ready, move to the area surrounding your heart. What do you feel? What do you notice?
  • Finally, continue to your gut. We store many emotions here. Again, without judgment, expectation, or force, notice what is there. What thoughts, emotions, and feelings are presenting themselves to you?
  • Now that we have made our way through the rooms, we can finally go to the basement. Here, we can decide which thoughts and feelings we want to keep, put in storage, or let go of.
  • Just like the feeling of a freshly organised and cleaned house, your body is now clear of the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Notice how you feel.
  • Take a deep breath in, allowing space for new thoughts and positive emotions.
  • Now, take a deep breath out. As you exhale, release all the feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that you no longer wish to hold. Feel free to take as many breaths in and out as you need.
  • When you’re ready, you can open your eyes to meet us back here.
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Moment of Refleción
  • How did you feel when we started the activity? How do you feel now that we have finished?
  • What did you like about this activity? Was it helpful?
  • Do you see yourself implementing this meditation into your daily life?
  • Was there any part of this activity that you found challenging?
  • Did your mind wander during the activity? Were you able to bring it back?

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