Vision Setting

Vision Setting

The Vision Setting

Vision setting activity is to help each participant visualize what they wish to see in their organization and in their personal life and share it with the rest of the team.

Each individual often has different ideas about how they wish an organization to grow. This activity will help every participant share their personal vision and align everyone’s vision for the organization.

Also, by sharing the vision for their own lives, participants also will grow to know each other better and hopefully encourage each other’s vision. The objective is to align each participant’s vision with a common organizational vision and help each participant better understand each other.

The time required is 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on depth and quality of sharing. It is up to the facilitator to decide how much sharing should be done.

Explain to the participants about vision setting and its role in personal and organizational success. Invite participants to write their vision on a piece of paper.

Give them about 20 – 30 minutes with soft music in the background.

One by one, each participant will present his/her vision for the organization as a whole, for his/her department as well as their personal vision. As a facilitator, seek to find the common points in their vision and encourage the whole group of participants to come up with a common vision for the organization.

This is a sensitive time as you have to take every idea into consideration. Be careful not to dismiss any ideas or suggestions, but attempt to incorporate it into a common vision.

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Also talk about how individual can collaborate to achieve similar goals or common visions. Finally, use this final common vision and make it into a corporate vision as a plaque.

Encourage the participants to display this plaque somewhere visible.

Moment of Reflection

At the end of the activity, allow a few minutes for people to reflect on the vision they created.

  • Are you excited about the vision you have set for yourself?
  • Do you think the organization is currently moving towards this vision? Or far? If not, what changes can or should be made to move the organization toward this vision?

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