Team Evaluation

Team Evaluation

Team Evaluation Activity

Team Evaluation helps every member in the team evaluate himself and how he has been faring in the team; as well as evaluate the team he’s in. This activity helps participants understand themselves in a team, and evaluate and consider methods of improvement for the team.

Do note that this team activity is NOT for everyone. It is only meant for teams whose members are willing to be open to criticism and self-evaluation. Also, this exercise requires a lot of in-depth sharing and feedback, so a small number is generally preferred.

Explain the purpose of the activity of helping every team member understand themselves and evaluate the team as well. This can be done as a part of an annual review or in response to an extraordinary circumstance.

Distribute the Team Evaluation Sheet to every participant. Allow them to have about 5-10 minutes to fill up the forms.

Give every participant a chance to present what they have written in their sheets. Have them run through it question by question, and why they agree or disagree with particular questions in the evaluation sheet.

Remind them to be as open and upfront as possible. Allow them to skip questions as it may become draggy if they go through every single question.

Also, request for them to take a positive, forward-looking approach to their feedback. Or else, it may end up becoming a complaint session.

Repeat the process for every team member, taking down notes and giving breaks where necessary.

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Important tips

Do note that you need an environment of openness to effectively do this; you need the participants to be ready to share from the heart. You cannot do this if:

  • The participants just met one another.
  • The team’s leadership style is autocratic.
  • There is mistrust among the team members.

These 3 scenarios will prevent the participants from talking freely and make the discussion fruitful.

Moment of reflection

  • What have you learned about yourself and your team members through this exercise?
  • What do you think you can do to become a better team player? Write it down and share it with the rest of the team.
  • What do you think the team can do to get to the next level?

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