The Reflection of the Rose

The Reflection of the Rose

The Reflection of the Rose Exercise

The reflection of the rose is a very simple but powerful tool to help the group share a specific experience.

Begin by asking your group to imagine a beautiful rose, in particular the flower itself and the thorns on its stem. With this imagery in mind, provide an appropriate framing for your group’s reflection (pictures tell a thousand words).

For example, you may invite your group to reflect back on the experience of their most recent activity, project, or excursion, etc.

Provide an appropriate framing and then ask your group to share something that was negative about their experience. Prompt your group to respond to this question: Share something that was negative, painful or disappointing about this experience, ie the thorn of the experience.

Next, ask your group to share something that was positive, beautiful or meaningful about their experience, ie the rose of the experience.

Invite as many people who wish to share to speak. Guide the conversation as you see fit, and close when appropriate.

With powerful imagery, you will have hopefully evoked some insightful responses.

Moment of Reflection
  • Did the image of a rose help you reflect on your experience?
  • What was helpful or unhelpful about this metaphor?
  • Do you think the metaphor or analogy of a rose reflects the development of our group? In what ways?
  • How can the group add petals to the rose and remove the thorns?

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