Oriental Warriors

Oriental Warriors

The Oriental Warriors Game

Oriental Warriors is a fast, playful and energetic game to play in a circle and it only takes two minutes to get the audience excited.

Form a circle of 8 to 12 people, including yourself, facing into the centre. Make sure that a real circle has been formed because it is important that everyone can clearly see all the other people in their circle.

To start, point your two arms with palms pressed together towards a person on the other side of the circle as you loudly call out “WAAAAAH!” For added effect, assume an oriental warrior look, because it’s fun and it adds a little zest to the game.

Next, explain that as soon as you perform this action, the person to whom you have pointed (the new ‘warrior’) must quickly raise their two arms and hands above their head – with palms pressed together – and mimic your passionate “WAAAAAH” sound. Then, the two neighbours of the warrior must immediately swing their pressed-together palms towards (but not touching) the stomach of the new warrior and call out “WAH!”

Finally, the new warrior lowers their arms, with palms pressed together, towards a new person in the circle, calling out “WAAAAAH!” to nominate a new warrior.

This routine continues over and over around circle. The key is to maintain a consistent rhythm of swift actions and “WAAAAAH,” the quicker the better.

When an error is made, or a response is too slow, invite the person responsible to become the new warrior.

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You’ll probably get a good two minutes out of this simple and silly game. Its raison d’être is seen simply in the hilarity it generates when someone makes a mistake and makes people have fun for a couple of minutes.

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