Vowel Orchestra

Vowel Orchestra

Vowel Orchestra to Divide a Group

Vowel Orchestra is a simple exercise and a fun musical method to divide the large group and create up to five random teams.

Assemble your group and ask everyone to close their eyes, and to think of the first vowel of their first name. Then, invite them to imagine in their mind’s eye the most beautiful voice in the world singing that vowel out loud.

Think of the treatment a full-bodied, no-holds-barred opera singer would give that vowel. When ready, invite everyone to make the sound of this vowel loudly and constantly as they mingle with others.

After a few tentative starts, you will soon hear a cacophony of “AAA”s, “EEE”s, “III”s, “OOO”s and “UUU”s. The idea is for each person to keep belting out their vowel until they find everyone else who is singing the same sound.

The objective and the challenge is that the similar attracts the similar. Mingling continues until every person who is singing the same type of sound find each other.

By the end of the exercise, you will probably have formed four or five groups to move on to the next activity that you planned to do with smaller groups. Remember that a maximum of five different groups can be formed.

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