Complete the Sentence

Complete the Sentence

The Complete the Sentence Activity

Complete the Sentence is a simple and structured exchange strategy for groups to reflect and improve their work dynamics. This is a debriefing technique that is easy to understand and will help direct the focus of the discussion so that your group can identify weaknesses and think about improvement actions.

Gather your group and form a circle, ask them to sit and settle so everyone can look into each other’s eyes. Then create a statement that ends with a ‘dot, dot, dot’.

Ask each person to complete the sentence and finish the sentence according to their perception. That is, you want your group to fill the gap or complete the rest of the sentence.

Continue around the circle in one direction or randomly so everyone has a chance to make their point. Depending on your needs, you may wish to be structured and proceed around the circle, or invite random responses.

Example sentence to complete:

  • “Communication in the group is…”
  • “Teamwork is difficult because…”
  • “I believe that cooperation and collaboration in this group is…”
  • “To work better we need to change…”

You can work with just one statement, or we recommend no more than three. Then allow a space for debate and reflection so that the group deepens the ideas pronounced in each sentence.

Guide a group conversation so that the team elaborates its weak points and proposes improvement actions.

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