Body Language Speaks Louder

Body Language Speaks Louder

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

Frame the body language speaks louder activity as an exercise for following instructions as fast as possible. Ask people to do a series of actions, like touching their nose, standing up, raising one knee, sitting back down, crossing their arms, etc.

Do around eight to 10 actions, demonstrating the actions as you give the instructions. For the last instruction, while telling employees what to do, perform a completely different action.

Make a mental note of how many people followed what you asked and how many copied what you did. You’ll likely find that the majority copied you rather than listened to the instruction.

Ask people how many noticed the last mistake. Discuss how this shows that body languages can be even more influential than the words you say.

Use the lesson to demonstrate how important it is to be aware of what you are portraying with your body language and why you need to make sure you are delivering the right message.

When you speak before a group, your listeners base their judgment of you and your message on what they see as well as upon what they hear. While your voice transmits a verbal message, a vast amount of information is being visually conveyed by your appearance, your manner, and your physical behavior.

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