Asteroids Storm

Asteroids Storm

The Asteroids Storm Game

Asteroids storm is a highly interactive classic game to sharpen the fine motor skills of people and energize the group.

Distribute at least one tossable item to every person, eg fleece-ball. Having passed out a soft tossable to everyone ask your group to bunch in real close to the centre of your playing space.

Gather your group close to one another with their arms stretched forward so that all of the tossable items are touching. When ready, ask everyone to lean in to create the biggest, fluffiest soft tossable/fleece-ball/asteroid.

When ready, call “GO” instructing everyone to throw their tossable items into the air, as if the asteroid was exploding.

At this point, everyone is invited to quickly scatter and grab one or more tossables and start to piff them at one another. Invite each person to grab one or more items to toss at others in an attempt to eliminate them.

If a person is hit by an item below their waist, they are eliminated and must crouch on the spot close to where they were tagged. An eliminated person is now entitled to come back into the fray if they can grab a passing tossable from their crouching position (pivoting on one knee is permitted.)

Play continues until one person remains standing.

Moment of Reflection
  • Was this game fun? Why or why not?
  • How did it feel to be able to jump back into the game after being eliminated?
  • How easy was it for you to acknowledge that you were eliminated?
  • Did you employ any strategies to stay active in the game for as long as possible?
  • Did you observe any notable behaviours from other players? For example, did an active player toss a ball to an eliminated player to help them get back into the game?
  • How do you relate today’s game to life situations?
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