Human Magic Cube

Human Magic Cube

The Human Magic Cube Game

Human Magic Cube is a fun and energetic game of concentration and coordination for large groups in open spaces.

Divide your group into four teams of roughly even numbers. Standing in the middle of an open space, the members of each team stand in a straight line to represent each sides of a square.

To reinforce who is on what team, ask the members of each side of the square to hold hands (ie the corner people don’t hold,) and when you point to their team, ask them to raise their arms high in the air, and scream “WE’RE ALL HERE.”

Position yourself in the middle of this square. Deliberately face towards one of the teams. Nominate this team as “NORTH” and the team behind you as “SOUTH,” on your left is “WEST” and on your right is “EAST.”

When you shift your position, every team must re-orient themselves, so that they return to their original orientation relative to you. Change your position, turn 90 degrees to your right, so that you are now looking directly at the ‘East’ team.

Explain that as soon as you say “MAGIC CUBE” each team must re-orient themselves, re-form their line, hold hands and say “WE’RE ALL HERE” as quickly as possible.

Play for several rounds, during which you change positions increasing agility and speed in the game.

Moment of Reflection
  • What was the most challenging part of this exercise?
  • What helped your group successfully line-up?
  • Did your team develop any strategy during the game? Which?
  • Was it important to be focused and coordinated?
  • When the game requires to increase the speed, did you experience a situation of chaos? How did this situation affect concentration and coordination?
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