Irony Questions

Irony Questions

The Irony Questions

The activity of Irony Questions is a powerful and engaging atrategy to occupy downtime and help people connect.

An unofficial start is any strategy that facilitates early engagement & interaction and amplifies the productivity of your group and/or program. This strategy not only invite people to turn up on time and be quickly engaged but also have fun, interact and begin to build relationships which positively impact

Prepare any necessary props in advance. Introduce your chosen activity or experience before your program officially starts.

Post a series of ten questions randomly on the walls of your space. For example:

  • The audience knows the Titanic is going to sink but the actors get on the ship anyway. Why?
  • There is a “No Smoking” sign in the break room for the employees at the cigarette factory. Really?

Supply each person with a pen and paper as they arrive and invite them to wander randomly around the room in an effort to read and answer each and every question. Award prizes if necessary for those who get the most witty answers.

The topics of this publication: creativity, imagination, improvise, disinhibition

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