Name That Tune

Name That Tune

Name That Tune Game

Name That Tune is the classic fast-paced music guessing game that is very fun, energizing, and promotes integration.

Admittedly, the hardest part is preparing all of the songs in advance, but it doesn’t have to take too long, and you can, of course, use this playlist with many different groups. Take the time to record a snippet of some of the most popular, not-so-popular, and obscure songs you know of.

Thirty to forty songs should be ample. Assessing time, interest, and energy levels will help you decide.

Once you’ve compiled your playlist, test that it all works on your speakers / sound equipment and you are good to go.

Gather your group and announce that this is a quick activity to identify who knows the most number of songs from your chosen playlist.

Explain that for every first and correct answer given, one point will be awarded. You may choose to invite each person to compete against all others in the group or form small teams of 2 to 4 people.

Points may be earned for correctly identifying the song title or the name of the artist/band.

After exhausting your playlist or otherwise declaring a winner, consider taking a moment to discuss cultural awareness with your group. This will squeeze more value from the game than just a bit of fun.

For example, this is a great chance to talk about peoples’ favourite genres and how they were first exposed to those musical experiences. Use this as a chance to build relationships or even dive deeper into cultural diversity.

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