Nerves of Steel

Nerves of Steel

The Nerves of Steel Game

Nerves of steel is a fun and thrilling game of stealth for sharpens reflexes. This activity is ideal for small groups.

Position four chairs, one each in the corners of an imaginary square, facing inwards approx 5 to 10 metres apart. Invite four people to sit on the chairs and ask a volunteer (fifth person) to stand in the middle of the four chairs.

Announce that the objective for each of the four people sitting down is to visit and occupy all other seats and then return to the seat they started from in as short a time as possible. Challenge the four people sitting on chairs to move off their own in an effort to sit on and occupy all other chairs as quickly as possible.

Only one person can sit on a chair at any point in time, ie they will be required to swap seats frequently. Explain that the person standing in the centre is entitled to steal any seat that is vacated if they can rest on it before any other person.

When the person who is standing successfully claims a vacant seat, a new person (ie the one without a seat) will become the next person standing in the middle.

The first person to visit all four chairs and return to the one they started from is the winner. Start a new round with a new team of five people, or swap the person who won with a new person waiting their turn to play.

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Moment of Reflection
  • What social cues did you observe or sense that indicated someone was about to move? Were you right?
  • What sorts of signals did those who were sitting in seats use to swap positions?
  • To successfully swap seats, what needed to occur?
  • What were some of your most sneaky or successful stealthy moves?
  • If you visited all 4 chairs, what do you attribute to your success?
  • Do you see similar behaviours in other parts of your life?

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