Only One Option

Only One Option

The Only One Option Game

Only One Option is a conversation starter to break the ice, a fun and simple game to get to know each other more, interact and share.

Explain that over the course of several rounds, you will invite each person individually to consider which of two different (often opposite) options they would choose. It is important to point out to your group that it is not possible to choose both options or neither option.

First, split your group into pairs. Pose a question in which each person must choose between two distinct (often opposing) options, for example do you prefer salty food or sweet food?

Give everyone a few moments to consider their choice, and then invite them to share their decision, and why, with their partner. Next, each person predicts the preference of the majority of people in their group, and shares this prediction with their partner.

Herein lies the value of this exercise – sometimes appearances can be deceiving. When ready, ask everyone to stand to one side of a space (or the other) according to their personal choice to determine the majority preference of the group.

Sometimes, it is enough to observe the split, and then move onto the next question. However, for some added value, award a ‘point’ to each person who accurately predicts the majority preference of the group.

At the end of, say, ten rounds, acknowledge those who scored the most number of points.

Moment of Reflection
  • How easy was it for you to make a decision?
  • What factors or criteria did you use to make certain decisions?
  • Did any of your choices surprise others who know you?
  • What might your choices reveal about you and your values? What about the group?
  • What ‘evidence’ did you take into account to make your decisions about the preference of the group?
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