Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell Game

The objective of the Ring the bell activity is to get to know your team better and to promote a deeper formation of relationships within the team. Similar to the old “family quarrel” TV show, this activity should be just as entertaining.

We recommend using this activity with teams that don’t know each other very well yet, as it makes them work as a team and have a bit of fun together.

Create a quiz that contains questions like “favorite food”, “favorite color?” or “more fun days.” Ask people to answer this questionnaire and count the five most popular responses.

Divide your team into groups of about 4 to 6 people and set up a table with a bell in the middle. Only one member of each team should be able to press the bell at a time.

Ask the first question in the survey: whoever rings the bell first must guess the most common answer. When the answer is correct, write it on a board for all to see and give the team a point.

If it is incorrect, ask one of the other teams the question. If no one gets it right, go to the next question.

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