Spontaneous Stories

Spontaneous Stories

Spontaneous Stories Activity

Spontaneous Stories is an icebreaker group activity that inspires creativity, promotes fun, interaction and sharing.

In advance, search the Internet for various pictures of landscapes and situations. Cut out the images and add cardstock behind them to make them sturdier cards.

Shuffle your deck of cards and distribute one card to each person. Faced with this image, these people are now invited to spontaneously share a story inspired by this image.

For example, if the picture shows a lion, the story could be about a time when the person remembered that their local zoo had to shut down suddenly because one of the lions escaped from its enclosure. Once the initial exchange is complete, exchange cards and invite the other person to share a story about the image in your hand.

Moment of Reflection
  • How quickly did a story or experience jump into your mind when you saw the image?
  • How easy was it to share your story based on one image?
  • Why do you think pictures so evocative?
  • Did you find out something about your classmates that you didn’t know before he told you his story?
  • How is sharing correlated to the building of trust in a group?

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