Story Around My Finger

Story Around My Finger

The Fantastic Story Around My Finger

Story Around My Finger is a simple, fun activity and a non-threatening strategy to promote small group sharing.

You’ll need to grab (or prepare) a set of approx 5 metre (16′) lengths of tubular webbing or ribbon, enough for one per small group of 2 to 5 people. Having formed a series of random groups, distribute one length of webbing to each group.

The best way to introduce this exercise is to demonstrate it. Ask your group to gather around you, and taking one end of the ribbon or webbing between your thumb and index finger, explain that you are about to share a story.

Importantly, explain that as you are sharing your story, you will wrap the ribbon around your index finger.

You can invite people to share about any topic, but in the context of ‘getting-to-know-you’ purposes, I would suggest that you ask people to share something about themselves. Anything, they get to choose, but they need to be the central character, so to speak.

The key is to keep sharing until the webbing has been completely wound around the finger. At which point, you pass the tightly-bound webbing to the person on your left.

The sharing and passing continue until everyone has shared.

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