Helium Stick

Helium Stick

The Helium Stick Game

Helium stick game is a great team-building exercise that aims to enhance teamwork and communication among mid-sized groups. You need a light-weight bamboo or plastic cane

This game can be conducted with 8-10 people. Ask the team to split into two groups and stand facing each other.

Ask them to hold their arms out in front of them and point their index fingers. Lay the cane down on their fingers.

The stick has to be horizontal, and everybody’s index fingers must be touching the cane at all times.

The challenge is to lower the stick to the ground without dropping it and touching it only with the index finger. Teams will be disqualified if any team member tries to hold it with any other finger or removes their index finger.

This task can be accomplished only if teams have complete cooperation among themselves. Other outcomes that can be achieved are problem-solving in a group, communication, and leadership.

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