My Fears in the Hat

My Fears in the Hat

My Fears in the Hat

My fears in the hat is an exercise in self-knowledge and a teamwork activity that promotes unity and group cohesion. People write their personal fears (anonymously) on sheets of paper which are then collected in a hat and read aloud.

The recommended group size is at least eight, but no more than 20.

Distribute a sheet of paper and a pen to each person. Instruct them to write down a fear or concern that they have anonymously. Tell them to be as specific and honest as possible, but not in such a way that they can be easily identified.

After everyone has finished writing a fear / concern, gather each sheet into a large hat. Mix the sheets together and distribute one per person.

Take turns reading a fear aloud, and each reader should try to explain what the person who wrote the fear means. Do not allow any type of comment on what the reader said. Just listen and move on to the next reader.

After all the fears have been read and resolved, discuss with the whole group what some of the common fears were.

This teamwork exercise can easily lead to a discussion about a team contract or the goals the group wants to achieve. This activity also helps build trust and unity, as people realize that everyone has similar fears.

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