The Emoji Storytelling

The Emoji Storytelling

The Emoji Storytelling Activity

Emoji Storytelling helps your group understand their emotions and how they influence behavior in different situations. This activity is an ideal reflection tool for small groups.

In advance. you need to design a lot of cards with different emoji faces. Make sure all emotion emojis are represented on the cards (anger, sadness, joy, pain, etc.)

If your group is large, you need to form small teams of about four or five people. Randomly distribute a set of eight cards to each team and ask them to create a story that uses all the emotions.

Allow enough time for the teams to write the stories. Then, invite the teams to share the stories with other teams and to analyze the relationship of the emotions with the narrated situations.

Moment of Reflection
  • What emotions appear with positive situations? And with negative situations?
  • What happens after a negative emotion like anger? What happens after positive emotions?
  • How can I realize the emotion that I am experiencing?
  • Is it possible to control the behavior I have before each emotion?

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