Stack Paper Stones

Stack Paper Stones

Stack Paper Stones Activity

Just like stacking stones in nature, we can stack paper stones to practice balance, mindfulness, and perseverance.

Stacking stones is a mindfulness practice that encourages slowing down. As we slow down our rhythms, we can often find out what makes each part of our lives unique.

Start by distributing three sheets of paper to each person in your group. Having a few extra sheets on hand is always helpful.

Instruct each person to take one of the sheets of paper and write a dream they have on it. For example, you could ask your group to think of things they want to build their foundation upon.

Once they have written their thought onto the paper, instruct them to crumple it tightly into a ball, to create what we will call a ‘stone’. For each of the two remaining sheets, ask everyone to repeat this writing process.

Now that you have created your three stones, pair up and challenge each pair to collect all six stones and try to stack them on top of each other. Encourage your group to keep at it until all six stones are balanced as one unit.

It may take many tries, but encourage your group to continue until they finish building their stack. To finish, invite your group to reflect on the value and/or process of this exercise.

Moment of reflection
  • What sensations did you experience when you wrote your thoughts on the sheets? And what sensations did you experience during the activity of stacking the “paper stones”?
  • What did you realize or discover about yourself during the exercise?
  • Can someone describe what balance and patience is?
  • What is a practice you could use to find balance in your life, work, etc.?
  • What benefits can you identify in patience?
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