Back to Back

Back to Back

Back to Back Exercise

Back to Back is a simple but very effective method for couples to process and reflect on the experience of a recent activity.

First, ask your group to form into pairs. Instruct them to stand back to back so that they can’t see each other.

Explain that you would like each person to consider a score, to a question you’re about to pose, on a scale of 1 to 5 by extending their fingers on one hand: 1 is lowest and 5 is highest.

State your question, and give everyone 5 seconds to consider their answers. Then, on “GO,” ask everyone to quickly turn around to face their partner at the same time as they extend their fingers.

Allow a moment for each pair to compare their scores. Invite pairs to discuss why they chose their particular scores.

Then ask the next question. Ask as many questions as you think are necessary, but make sure the group’s enthusiasm doesn’t start to wane.

Moment of Reflection

At the end of the question rounds, you can invite the group to share the different reflections that came up in the conversations.

You can even choose to poll the results of the group to get an average score. If it’s worth measuring, then it’s possibly also worth seeking out some feedback to understand how this score was achieved.

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