Pancakes vs Waffles

Pancakes vs Waffles

The Pancakes vs Waffles Game

Contrary to the most of games that start high and then fun collapses, Pancakes vs Waffles becomes better with each following round. And, you will need only the video-conferencing solution you already use.

The game starts with a question: “What should we keep in the World: Waffles or Pancakes?” followed by each player substantiating his choice. Then, all players vote for either Waffles or Pancakes, the winning word stays, and the losing word is eliminated forever.

For the first round, your team has to decide on whether the world is going to keep pancakes or waffles, and the other is to be obliterated from existence. Anyone can advocate for a favorite choice, and ultimately you must have a vote of majority to make the decision.

After one option is eliminated, you add a new competitor. For example, the game may become Waffles vs Pumpkins, and then Waffles vs Puppies, and then Puppies vs Kittens, and then Kittens vs Romantic Relationships, and similar.

Typically the longer you play, the more intense the conversation gets and the more team members will share their values. The game mechanics are helpful for virtual team building because the initial conversation of Pancakes vs Waffles is low stakes, and it only gradually becomes more personal as you get to later stages.

This way people will learn a lot about each other, their opinions and values.

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