Afternoon and Bonfire

Afternoon and Bonfire

Afternoon and Bonfire to Reflect

The technique of Afternoon and Bonfire is more than a simple meeting of people, it is to share experiences, opinions and ideas together when reflecting on a particular topic. It is framed within a pleasant context and with certain peculiarities that will permeate the stage where it takes place, the time of day and the group itself.

It is important to clarify that this activity may or may not have fire, and it can be done both day and night. And it can also be developed both outdoors and indoors.

Whoever coordinates the technique must ensure that it is carried out at a suitable time in the group, that there is good weather and spirit. Ideally, it should take place when most of the participants are actively participating in the group.

The meeting aims to reflect as a group on a specific topic and reach a conclusion through the exchange of everyone’s ideas. Therefore, it requires a specific topic to reflect on, in depth, and a final summary or conclusion that leads to awareness.

Taking into account that a particular topic will be addressed, it is necessary that the participants have specific knowledge of the topic.

To take advantage of the meeting, it is necessary to carry out the following actions:

  • Deepen the topic (analyze)
  • Vary the focus (clarify points of view)
  • Exchange impressions (share)
  • Open the dialog.
  • Incorporate some animation (dynamic)
  • Provide supporting elements (quotes, texts, readings, etc.)

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