Group Sketching

Group Sketching

Group Sketching Technique

Science says that doodling can improve our focus, enhance our creativity, and give our problem-solving skills a boost. It’s time to pull out some pencils, channel your inner artist, and do some group sketching.

It’s simple: each team member gets a sheet of paper and sketches something related to the core concept you’re brainstorming, for example, activities for your next team outing.

When those first rounds of sketches are finished, papers get passed to the next person who sketches another related image. Maybe the first drawer sketched a pizza, while the next person sketched a wine bottle. Continue passing those papers. Once they’ve made it all the way through the group, collect and discuss the sketches.

It’s a fun activity that can help your team identify new connections and generate more innovative ideas.

Benefits of Doodling

Doodling improves your ability to find novel and creative solutions to complex problem statements. The task is thought to arouse specific parts of the brain that support you in parsing information differently.

Also, doodling can help you better overcome crucial challenges. Usually the assignment of important business projects causes oneself to get stressed and less receptive for new information, resulting in convergent thinking and forgetting urgent issues.

By sketching or scribbling your thoughts and feelings, you not only use information processing time more efficiently, but you also capture and formulate the problem in a much more precise and tangible way. Giving your brain a valve to free spontaneous and unconscious creativity, increases the ability to better monitor the initial challenge.

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