Paper Chains

Paper Chains

The Paper Chains Challenge

Paper Chains is a simple game but effective that can be played by small and large groups. The game highlights the importance of communication and asks people to work together to solve a problem.

The activity is great for communication skills and problem-solving.‍ You will need sheets of paper, sticky tape and scissors

To play Paper Chains, divide your players into equal-sized groups and ask them to allocate a leader. Once a leader has been chosen, ask them to leave the room, where you will then explain the rules of the game in private.

The aim of the game is to make the longest paper chain possible using the recourses provided. Players may use ONLY their dominant hand and no talking is allowed once the timer starts.

Once the rules have been explained, the leaders can re-enter the room where they now have 30 seconds to explain the rules to their team. After the 30 seconds has elapsed, the teams have three minutes to complete the challenge.

The team with the longest paper chain at the end of the three minutes wins.

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