Rotate Debates

Rotate Debates

Activity Rotate Debates

Rotate Debates is an activity uses a variety of scenarios to encourage critical thinking and, most importantly, the ability to examine a problem from multiple angles.

In this scenario, you pick two teams and put an issue in front of them. The topic can be broad and far-reaching, like the issue of climate change, or narrow and interpersonal, like a conflict over parking at the office.

Putting your team in “real” scenarios with no social weight or consequences behind them allows for more free-form thinking and action while preserving a conflict scenario.

Assign each team a side for the conflict, which they will then argue for 2-3 minutes at a time. Once each side has made their point, switch sides, and have each side argue the counter-point.

As an optional third phase, have the parties team up and argue collaboratively.

Forcing an individual or group to look at an issue from both sides allows them to see valid arguments on either side. It promotes the ability to navigate down the middle for a solution.

Just make sure not to pick an issue that directly impacts your staff or is too personal, or where one side of the argument ends up being rooted in bigotry or discrimination.

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