Knowledge List

Knowledge List

The Knowledge List Game

Knowledge list is a game of questions and answers to test memory and for teams to achieve challenges with the knowledge of each participant.

In advance, prepare one or more established lists, such as the names of all eight reindeers that pull Santa’s sleigh, or the names of the five Great Lakes (of North America.) Then, having gathered your group, divide them into smaller groups of two to five people to form teams.

Distribute paper and pen to each group.

When ready, explain that you will soon announce one or more categories to challenge every team to list every item that forms part of that category. For example, the twelve zodiac signs.

Challenge each group to list every one of the items in the category. Your purpose will vary, of course, you may wish to simply test their knowledge of a particular topic

The first group to list all items correctly wins. Start with one list of only 3, 4 or 5 items and then build up to much larger lists.

Moment of Reflection

  • Can you remember what you thought when you realized that they were going to test your memory?
  • What strategies did you use to remember all the elements?
  • Did you manage to write the list with the contributions of all the people?
  • If you wrote the lists individually, did you get better or worse results?
  • How many did you need to remember correctly to feel successful? Why?

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