The Best and Most Creative

The Best and Most Creative

The Best and Most Creative Objects

How is it possible to turn a paper clip into a guitar or other huge objects? Through a team-building activity called the best and most creative objects!

This is a teambuilding activity in which teams are given a small object (e.g. paperclips) and must keep trading and upgrading their objects to get the biggest, best objects possible until the time limit expires.

The objects are judged for size, value, and creativity.

Split the teams into groups of two to ten, depending on the size of your overall group. Distribute paper clips (or some other small object) to each group.

Clearly indicate the time limit for this activity (e.g. 2-3 hours), and let them go off to trade. The goal is to come back with the biggest, best, most creative object after a series of trading and upgrading.

When the time expires, everyone reconvenes at a predefined location for the show-and-tell and judging process. Judges choose the best items on various criteria: size, value, creativity, and overall best.

This game has benefits of having team members work together and think creatively on how to upgrade their items. Camaraderie is gained through this fun process.

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