The skills and capabilities continuous improvement

The skills and capabilities continuous improvement

The skills and capabilities continuous​ improvement is the new norm

In response to the VUCAH (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and hyper-connected) world we are living in, the shifting of roles and organizational structures is the new normal. People have realized that the skills and capabilities continuous improvement, both hard and soft, is inevitable.

The hard skills are the acquired ones through training, education, or other learning-based means while soft skills are often considered character traits that are inherent to an individual. In simple words hard skills are technical know-how, while soft skills are personal habits and traits that affect how you function at work.

Soft skills are much harder to quantify as well as to improve than hard skills and related to an individual’s ability to work both on their own and with others.

On one hand there are soft skills & capabilities that we are all born with, such as curiosity, imagination, creativity, empathy, and resilience. However, it doesn’t mean these capabilities are fixed; they can be cultivated through experience and exposure.

On the other hand, there are soft skills & capabilities that can be developed and improved over time such as adaptiveness and critical thinking, teaming, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence. Most people have also the potential to improve them through experience and practice.

All organizations have realized that embracing a mindset of continuous improvement helps them to improve their team’s productivity and become more innovative. In reality, both individuals and organizations have realized that the continuous improvement of skills and capabilities is what is a game changer in the new digital world.

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