Impossible Objects

Impossible Objects

Impossible Objects to Awaken Creativity in Ideation

Impossible Objects focuses on divergent thinking, it’s a great way to test your imagination and see where it can take you. And even though imagination is not the same as creativity, coming up with unseen and new concepts definitely connects both.

In this exercise you will need to connect two objects and come up with an unusual combination or a hybrid. Presenting and sharing ideas might become the best part of the whole exercise!

You need a sheet of paper for each participant and pens. This activity can be done alone, in pairs or in small groups.


  1. Think about an object in your minds.
  2. Pair up and grab a sheet of paper
  3. Now, in the groups share what objects did you and your partner came up with. Then begin the ideation – what could be the hybrid that comes out of combining the two items.
  4. Try to imagine the item and describe it in as much detail as possible: what is it used for, what material is it made of, what color is it, ect. Then, draw a picture of it (better bigger in size).
  5. When the time is over, each group should present their hybrid, show the drawing of it and if there is enough time, discuss it.


We used this exercise to highlight the benefit of creative constraints and prepare participants for further, more complex ideation requiring tasks.

Impossible Objects seems like a silly exercise, however, it encourages our minds to make connections and work hard while coming up with new creative ideas. It is another fun way to train our creativity and create an impact on the way we think on a daily basis.

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